The 2012 Coverity Scan Open Source Report details the analysis of the Scan services’s most active open source projects, totaling over 68 million lines of open source software code. In addition, the report details the results of over 380 million lines of proprietary software code from a sample of anonymous Coverity users.

In this year’s report, you will find out:

  • What the new bar is for good quality software.
  • How open source code stacks up against proprietary code. 
  • Best practices that leading open source projects, including AMANDA and Mesa, have adopted to sustain high quality software.
  • How leading open source projects fixed more than 21,000 defects through the adoption of development testing.
  • Why Linux remains a benchmark for quality. 

Download the report today!

To download the Japanese version, click here.

You have a very good product and provide a great service to the open source community (certainly to the Linux kernel community).